Our Products

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

True double conversion design online UPS is for commercial and industrial devices.

Voltage Stabilizers

Microcontroller controlled servo drive and tyhristor based static structure heavy duty devices which regulates mains voltage for critical loads.


Pure sine wave output IGBT controlled inverters. Solar and non solar input is acceptable. Transformer based structure offers stability.


Intelligent, micro-processor-controlled charging unit powered by a multi-stage charge algorithm appropriate for every battery type.

DC-DC Converters

Up to 800 kW and selectable input-output DC to DC converter power supply.

Static Transfer Switches

Uninterruptable transfer between two Independent sources.

Why us?

Good Quality

All products are designed and manufactured with the worldwide quality understanding.

Certified Experience

We got ISO, CE, TSE standards, besides that, to facilitate international sales CE, GOST, and Soncap certifications were obtained.

Competitive Pricing

We always have the best prices, tailored for our clients in international markets.

After Sales Support

With our new service network we are able to give service 7/24.

Industrial Experience

Have 25 years experience in design, manufacturing and distribution in the power supply industry.

Export Experience

Our manufactured products have been exported worldwide, in 72 countries so far and expanding.